Laura & Preston: matrimony in motion

I asked both Preston and Laura what their favorite part of the day was. Here are their responses: Preston: Probably our first dance as husband and wife. That’s when it all really hit me. I remember that the most. Laura: Making it up the aisle, holding Preston’s hands and looking out at everyone who came […]

A Garden Wedding: Preston & Laura

There are some people that you just know God brought together. Preston and Laura are two of those people. Laura draws out every great quality from Preston in a way that his friends acknowledge and are thankful for. Preston both adores and cherishes Laura, and you simply can’t help but smile for them. I had the privilege […]

1 Year of Love: Rob & Danielle

Rob: future architect, abundantly generous, confident in who he is, and an amazing husband to Danielle. Danielle:  extremely talented massage therapist, stunning in both appearance and character, and a beautiful wife to Rob. Separately, they are two incredible people but together, they are the phenomenal Mr. and Mrs. West. Tom and I couldn’t ask for two better friends, […]