The Hagerty Family

Well, hello world! It’s been almost a year since my last blog post (which I CAN NOT believe has gone by so quickly) and it feels like I’m back with an old friend as I post this.  As many of you know, my husband and I opened our Maximized Living Health Center, Twin City Chiropractic, […]

The Sendler Family: Barnyard fun!

Tom and I absolutely adore the Sendler family. Incredibly generous, kind-hearted, hilarious, selfless…it’s literally impossible to not love them. Shawn is a LifeGroup pastor at Forest Hill (an amazing church here in Charlotte) and Heather works (alongside the joyful and energetic Kym Hankerson) at Couture Portraits. Their ridiculously adorable children, Baylor and Addison, are little bundles of […]

Liam & Colin: Brotherhood

Liam and Colin were such a joy to photograph!  It was so refreshing to see these two brothers get along so well and simply enjoy being boys. Colin, the oldest, is already such a good big brother to Liam – you can just tell these boys will continue to grow up as best buds.  :) […]