A Valentine’s Day Picnic: Mary and Daniel

I love it when visons come to life. After finding the heart apron, I just knew there was someone, somewhere that could tell their story with it. Meet Mary: an adorable bubbly young mademoiselle with a love for people, picnics, baking, and her beau. When she told me that her and Daniel met in a […]

1 Year of Love: Rob & Danielle

Rob: future architect, abundantly generous, confident in who he is, and an amazing husband to Danielle. Danielle:  extremely talented massage therapist, stunning in both appearance and character, and a beautiful wife to Rob. Separately, they are two incredible people but together, they are the phenomenal Mr. and Mrs. West. Tom and I couldn’t ask for two better friends, […]

Schedule a Valentine’s Session!

As a kid and growing up, I always LOVED Valentine’s Day. A “holiday” combining a theme, crafts and the opportunity to brighten someone’s day with a card? Yes please! At my elementary school, you were required to give EVERYONE a Valentine which I always thought was brilliant. Because for one day, those classmates that weren’t necessarily the […]