The Hagerty Family

Well, hello world! It’s been almost a year since my last blog post (which I CAN NOT believe has gone by so quickly) and it feels like I’m back with an old friend as I post this.  As many of you know, my husband and I opened our Maximized Living Health Center, Twin City Chiropractic, at the beginning of the year.  Words can not come close to articulating exactly how amazing it’s been to be able to help SO many people. God definitely called us to Winston Salem, a city we had formerly never heard of (which is a story for another day), and it’s been both overwhelming and beautiful to physically see pieces of the “why”. We are constantly in awe of the life change we get to celebrate with our patients, and there are fewer things more rewarding than when someone tells you, “you helped me get my life back”.

Of course we’ve had our mountains of challenges from navigating running a business WITH your spouse, with one car, making it through sleepless nights, 80+ hour work weeks, nourishing our own health, and cultivating relationships…all while trying to listen to God’s direction and follow through with it. Every time we feel called to do something and struggle through the doubt and lack of logic of it, we are reminded again that God asks for our obedience, not our understanding. That still doesn’t necessarily make the calling any easier but time and time again, when we see the fruition of the obedience, we grow in our faith and are thankful we have a gracious Father who knows much more than we do.
So it’s been an incredible year, and I’ll slowly but surely get back behind a camera.  But for now, onto this amazing family.  :)

Mandy and Zac are as genuine as they come.  They both lead a young adults group at our church and have ministered to my heart and into our marriage in more ways than they know. Their daughters Alexandria Grace and Eleanor Jane (also known as Aly and Ella) are just as adorable on the outside as they are on the in.  For their family session, we ventured over to Old Salem with nothing but clear blue skies, glorious sunlight, and the charming setting of cobblestone and restored historic buildings.  They played in leaves, laughed together, and enjoyed the afternoon simply being a family. Their genuine love and comfort for being together made this, hands down, the easiest session I’ve ever done. Enjoy!

Ella’s claim to fame stunt. Aly did the same when she was her age. Little women of strength. :)

Aly wanted to pick a flower for her sister. And Ella carried that little purple flower around for the rest of the evening. *Heart melt*

Ella’s still got that flower. :) Love you Hagertys!


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