Alright folks, get ready for an abundance of adorableness. Our friends, Dave and Elise, celebrated their son, Austin’s, first birthday last Sunday and holy smokes, is he cute. Dave is a Maximized Living doctor of chiropractic and Elise is the extremely talented recipe developer and entrepreneur behind Healing Cuisine by Elise. Her site is one of my personal favorites as a natural health resource and for an endless amount of amazing whole food recipes including holiday meals, smoothies, desserts, drinks, snacks, gluten-free items, dressings, and so so much more.

For Austin’s big one year milestone, friends enjoyed a beautiful sunny Charlotte day in the park complete with (naturally) Elise’s sweet and savory cuisine!

Elise not only created a delightful and deliciously healthy spread, she also labeled everything as Advanced or Core Plan.

This look continues to make me laugh. :)

Any time I see a little one do the sleepy-eye-rub, my heart pretty much melts. On the contrary, I laugh at Tom who does this EXACT motion when he’s tired…except he’s an adult.

Austin was doing this bear crawl EVERYWHERE. Soo cute. This boy is days away from taking his first steps!

This next face. Really?! So great.

Happy Birthday Austin! And Happy One Year of Parenthood Dave and Elise!

Sips, smiles, swings, some sunshine and two people who love each other a latte (sorry, couldn’t help it). I absolutely adore this couple and their child-like spirits, spontaneity, and adoration for one another. We began their engagement session at Dilworth Coffee (Courtney is currently a barista at Caribou who LOVES a good cup of joe) and ended in a small hidden park just in time to catch the sun setting behind what looked like the forrest of fern gully. It was such a pleasure photographing these two simply being themselves – comfortable, laughing, and blissfully in love. The soon-to-be bride and groom will be getting hitched this November and moving to start chiropractic school together shortly after. Lots of exciting changes!

Courtney and Kyle, although many challenges lie ahead of you I, without a doubt, believe in you guys. Congratulations on your engagement and thank you for being so wonderful and fun! So excited for you both and the future before you – the best is yet to come.

Thank you Katy from Dilworth Coffee for your skillful heart-creating hand. :)

naturally gorgeous. :)

these shoes! SO cute.

Last weekend, our incredible friends Rob and Danielle (also known as Del) came to Charlotte to visit Tom and me.  It was, hands down, the best weekend we’ve had in Charlotte thus far. It wasn’t just because we jam-packed the weekend with amazing meals, laughter, and had a ridiculously fun time (which we did), but more so it was because for the first weekend in our new city, we were surrounded with what we’ve miss most since moving from Florida: family. Which is what we consider the Wests to be.  They are the type of friends that you don’t care if they stop by your home when it’s far from tidy (which is often how you’ll find ours) and our friendship is one of support, grace, and encouragement.  They have gone with us through our deepest struggles – we’ve cried together, prayed together, and worshipped together – and Tom and I couldn’t be more grateful for them.

It was around our dinner table the evening they flew in, just before we were about to pray and devour our homemade eggplant parmesan, that our little apartment in Charlotte finally felt like home.  We selfishly want them to move to North Carolina but constantly remind ourselves to pray for God’s plans for their lives and not our own (although that doesn’t stop us from hoping the two will coincide). :)

Danielle and I both got our first DSLR cameras around the same time and have been on this photography adventure every step of the way.  It’s been awesome learning together and laughing about how clueless we were when we first started using our cameras. “What’s I-S-O?”  Some of you may remember these two love birds from last year’s fall, post-wedding session (if not, check out some lovely leaves and light here).  We naturally had to make sure we captured some love in the city. Enjoy!